William E. Kelso

Diel Differences in Electrofishing Catch in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana

SEAFWA Journal Volume 4, March 2017

Published reports indicate night electrofishing may be superior to day sampling to estimate density and diversity of collected shes in some aquatic habitats. However, because shallow, highly turbid waters characteristic of river floodplains present fish detection, navigation, and safety concerns during night electrofishing, many southeastern floodplain sampling programs have focused on day electrofishing. We used paired day and night samples of shes collected by transect (200 m distance for eight minutes) and point electro fishing (1 minute at four points spaced 25 m apart) to assess...


Effects of Feral Swine on Water Quality in a Coastal Bottomland Stream

Feral swine (Sus scrofa) are abundant throughout the southern United States with a complex legal status and a reputation for negative interactions with wildlife and vegetation. The impacts of feral swine upon water quality are not extensively nor quantitatively documented in the published literature. We quantified the effects of feral swine on dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform bacteria, overall heterotrophic bacteria plate counts, and the presence of disease-causing bacteria. We sampled Mill Creek in western Louisiana in summer 2002 and spring 2003. Feral swine increased fecal coliform...


Nocturnal Foraging by Alewives in Reservoir Coves

Diel occurrence and feeding of alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus) in shoreline areas of Claytor Lake, Virginia was investigated concurrent with food habits of resident juvenile bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) , pumpkinseed (L. gibbosus), and yeHow perch (Perca flavescens); and the composition and abundance of the littoral zooplankton community. Schools of alewives entered coves at sunset and fed intensively through the night, departing soon after sunrise. Alewives and juvenile fish consumed the same 16 items, but to different degrees. Alewives fed primarily on zooplankton in the water column,...