Wendell J. Lorio

20 Years Later—A Comparison of Recreational Fishing Pressure and Catch Statistics at Cat Island, Mississippi

Roving-clerk creel surveys were conducted at Cat Island, Mississippi, during two three-year periods: 1977-1979 and 1997-1999. Angler interviews provided data of species caught with estimated weight and number, as well as duration of fishing activity. Periodic aerial counts of fishermen provided further estimates of total fishing activity. Fishing pressure increased significantly (P ? 0.05) during the 20-year study interval in numbers of fishermen and total hours fished. Greatest fishing activity occurred on weekends during both study periods with the greatest fishing pressure from March-...


Aquatic Ecological Parameters Associated With Salt Marsh Mosquito Ditch Systems

Water quality and aquatic fauna associated with ditching systems dug in 1968 and in 1972 in an irregularly flooded marsh were studied. Salinity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, were determined monthly. Dissolved oxygen was lowest at the upper ends of the ditches. Organic matter seemed to have been built up at the upper ends ofthe ditches due to inadequate tidal flushing. Mats of submersed vegetation hindered tidal flow which reduced the flushing effectiveness of the tides. Water quality differences between the upper and lower portions of the ditches seemed to be physical rather titan...


A Food Habit Study of the Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion Nebulosus, in the Biloxi Marsh Area, Louisiana

The spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, are found throughout the year in the Biloxi Marsh Area in southeastern Louisiana. A total of 368 stomachs were analyzed; 152 were empty. Fish occurred in 74.4 per cent of these stomachs and crustaceans in 25.3 per cent. During the summer months fish and crustaceans were comparable in per cent occurrence as food items. In this same period food availability samples showed that crustaceans had become more prevalent. This suggests a correlation of the food habits of the spotted seatrout to food availability. Fish seem to be the most important food...