Tim L. King

Characterization of the Genetic Structure among Brook Trout in LeConte Creek, Tennessee

Beginning in the early 1900s, the original range and abundance of brook trout within Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GRSM) was drastically reduced due to landscape alterations resulting from increased logging and introduction of nonnative salmonid species. Consequently, brook trout populations retreated to the headwaters of most streams, resulting in geographic isolation due to waterfalls and eventual genetic differentiation of the fish inhabiting these streams. In an effort to reestablish LeConte Creek's extirpated brook trout population, GRSM fisheries managers collected fish from...


Estimating Population Size of Maryland's Black Bears Using Hair Snaring and DNA Analysis

Wildlife Outstanding Technical Paper

Black bear (Ursus americanus) populations have expanded in Maryland since the late 1970s. Previous attempts to estimate bear numbers have been hampered by access to private land and manpower shortages. The development of hair snaring techniques, coupled with genetic fingerprinting, provides a more efficient technique than traditional mark-recapture methods to estimate black bear numbers in Western Maryland. In May-June 2000, we established 108 grids throughout occupied bear range in Garrett and western Allegany counties in western Maryland. We established hair traps in each grid for 4 week...


Identification of Commercial Penaeid Shrimp Species by Isoelectric Focusing

Muscle proteins were isolated from 7 western Atlantic and 10 Pacific Ocean Penaeus species encompassing 6 subgenera utilizing isoelectric focusing. Protein banding patterns of individuals from the 17 species were distinguishable. A high resolution gradient of pH 4.5-5 was required to separate complex banding patterns and facilitate identification among species possessing similar banding patterns. Most species were characterized by the presence of 2-6 major protein bands in the pH 4.62-4.95 range. Densitometric analysis provided a graphic representation of differences in band migration,...