Thomas H. Eason

Developing Florida's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

The Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Strategy) is one component of Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative (Initiative), which is a program designed to create a strategic vision for conserving all of Florida's wildlife. The other two main components of the Initiative are partnership development and Florida's State Wildlife Grants Program. The state of Florida has an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of fish and wildlife conservation efforts. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Commission) is developing a long-range strategy for managing all wildlife...


Using Partnerships to Address Human Black Bear Conflicts in Central Florida

Conflicts between humans and bears have escalated in central Florida over the past 5 years. The scope and magnitude of these conflicts extend beyond the responsibilities and capabilities of any 1 agency; therefore, handling these problems requires cooperation among multiple agencies and organizations. We used partnerships to accomplish the following large-scale efforts: 1) a study of movements, habitat use, and population dynamics of bears relative to a highway; 2) creation and implementation of an annual bear festival; 3) creation and distribution of, and training for, an educator's...