Scott W. Manley

Post-harvest Field Manipulations to Conserve Waste Rice for Waterfowl

Rice seeds escaping collection by combines during harvest (hereafter, waste rice) provide quality forage for migrating and wintering waterfowl in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) and other rice growing regions in the United States. Recent sample surveys across the MAV have revealed abundance of waste rice in fields declined an average of 71% between harvest and late autumn. Thus, we evaluated the ability of common post-harvest, field-management practices to conserve waste rice for waterfowl until early winter via controlled experiments in Mississippi rice test plots in 2001 and...


Arthropod Response to Strip Disking in Old Fields Managed for Northern Bobwhites

In the southeastern United States northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) populations have declined rapidly during the past 3 decades. Deterioration of suitable habitat conditions has been suggested as a major cause of this decline. Habitat management efforts typically focus on production of fall/winter foods (i.e., seeds). Management efforts are seldom directed at production of breeding season foods (i.e., arthropods) for bobwhites. Therefore, we used a D-Vac insect vacuum to measure effects of strip disking on arthropod resources in old fields managed for northern bobwhites during the...


Food Preferences of Spring-migrating Blue-winged Teal in Southwestern Louisiana

We studied effects of pair status, molt intensity, and year on food selection by migrating male blue-winged teal (Anas discors) in southwestern Louisiana during springs 1990 and 1991. Diets consisted primarily of animal foods; but plant material, consisting mostly of seeds, comprised as much as 44%. There was no difference in animal food consumption by paired and unpaired males; however, the proportion of animal material in the male diet was greater in 1990 than in 1991. Animal food consumption was not positively correlated with mean molt intensity. Food preferences of paired and unpaired...