Scott A. Cox

Cause-specific Mortality of Northern Bobwhites on an Area with Quail Feeders in Western Oklahoma

We investigated the effect of quail feeders on cause-specific mortality of 910 radio-marked northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus). Research was conducted from 1 October 1991 through 1 October 1996 on the Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in western Oklahoma. Thirty-two feeders filled with milo were located near the center of every 8.1 haonthe283.3-ha(1.6km X 1.8 km) treatment area. The unfed area was 283.3 ha (1.6 km X 1.8 km). Treatments were separated by a 194.3-ha (1.2 km X 1.8 km) buffer area. Four-hundred-seventy-seven mortalities occurred on the control treatment and 433...


Recovery Rates of Banded vs. Radiomarked Northern Bobwhites in Western Oklahoma

We estimated interval (Dec-Feb) recovery and survival rates of marked northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus) to determine effects of radiomarking and supplemental feeding on the Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in western Oklahoma from 1991 to 1996. We also estimated unretrieved harvest (crippling loss) reported by hunters and compared it to unretrieved harvest of radiomarked bobwhites to determined accuracy of hunter information. We banded 308 and radiomarked 296 bobwhites. Interval survival and recovery rates were estimated using the computer program MARK. Recovery rates of...