Russell H. England

Effect of Low Head Impoundments on Ambient Trout Stream Temperatures

Data from five northeast Georgia trout streams revealed significant alteration of ambient temperatures by impoundments. A 7.3 ha impoundment releasing water at 3.9 m warmed Anderson Creek a mean 2.2 C during August 1973 and reduced diurnal temperature variation by two-thirds. Surfacerelease impoundments on Bean Creek and Chickamauga Creek warmed ambient temperatures a mean 4.2 C and 3.8 C, respectively, dUring the summer of 1974. Diurnal fluctuations were increased in these two streams. A 21 ha surface release impoundment on Smith Creek warmed ambient stream temperatures a mean 3.6 C...


Waters Creek -- a Trophy Trout Stream

A 4.3 km section of Waters Creek in LumpkinCounty. Georgia. was managed for trophy trout with supplemental feeding under restrictive regulations. including 22 inch minimum size. Complete creel data for 3 years reveal a mean daily pressure of 31.9 anglers, and an annual mean catch rate of 0.18-0.24 fish/hr. Total anglers decreased 13.5% and total hours increased 18.0% 1972-1973. Trip length increased from 3.1 to 4.7 he 1972-1974. An analysis of variance of catch rate means provided evidence of differences in catch rates with total daily effort. The mean catch rate of 0.51 fish/ hr at 26-50...


Stream Damage From Manganese Strip-Mining

Abandoned manganese strip mines in Smyth County, Virginia have for many years contributed pollution to the streams draining them. Streams in the Cripple Creek drainage area were sampled during the summer of 1967 to determine the nature and extent of pollution in them, and to evaluate the reclamation work being done by the United States Forest Service. Affected streams were compared with control streams on the basis of physical, chemical and biological properties. Manganese levels in all streams sampled were found to be below one part per million. A controlled experiment with Mn(NO')2...