Ronald E. Lewis

Temperature Selection and Vertical Distribution of Striped Bass During Lake Stratification

Water temperature appeared to be a major factor influencing the distribution of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) during 1978 in Lake Norman, North Carolina, while size of striped bass, dissolved oxygen concentrations, available forage, and current also had some influence on their distribution. Large striped bass [~400 mm TL) appeared to be more restricted to the cooler waters than small striped bass « 400 mm TL) when water temperature exceeded 17.0 0 C and stratified conditions existed. These factors should be considered when establishing or managing a striped bass fishery in a...


Prevalence And Intensity Of Epistylis On Fishes From Two North Carolina Reservoirs

Epistylis infestations occurred on 16 of 32 fish species collected from Mountain Island Lake and Lake Norman, North Carolina, during 1974 and 1975. Percichythids, centrarchids, and ictalurids were the fishes most commonly infested, while infestations were rare on clupeids, cyprinids, and percids. Epistylis was generally more prevalent on fishes during fall (September through November). Percichthyids, followed by centrarchids, had the highest intensity of infestation. Intensity of infestation increased with surface area and length of percichthyids, but not with that of centrarchids....