Robert D. Hoyt

Effects Of Impoundment On The Fishes In Two Kentucky Tailwaters

The most noticeahle differences in the pre- and post-impoundment tailwater fish communities in Green and Barren rivers, Kentucky, were reduced biomass, loss of cyprinid species, increased game-fish numbers, and decreased rough-fish numbers. These differences were attributed to altered post-impoundment environmental conditions in the tailwater (lowered water temperatures and irregular flow patterns), and species recruitment through the dams. Carp, while not present before impoundment in the tailwater reaches, represented a prominent component of the community after damming.


The Effect of Stocking on the Meristic Complement of the Neosho Smallmouth Bass

Neosho smallmouth bass were collected from 1962-64 in tributaries of the Arkansas River in northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri. Counts were made of dorsal spines and soft-rays, anal spines and soft-rays, pectoral fin-rays and lateral-line scales. The data were compared with that for intergrade smallmouth from other drainages in Arkansas and with data given by Castro (1963) and Hubbs and Bailey (1940). Neosho smallmouth in this study had significantly higher mean counts than those reported in 1940. Each stream having higher counts had been stocked with the intergrade form of smallmouth...