R.D. Estes

Food Habits of Rainbow Trout in a Tennessee Tailwater

Food habits of rainbow trout were studied at 3 locations for 1 year on the Center Hill Dam tailwater in central Tennessee. Staple food items consisted of isopods (Lirceus sp.) and chironomids. Seasonal food items from Center Hill Reservoir (threadfin shad and Daphnia sp.) were highly utilized and contributed nearly 60% to the total volume of food items taken. Occurrence of algae in rainbow trout stomachs was common and appeared to be related to seasonal forage base. Condition of rainbow trout did not significantly change with season, but was usually significantly higher closer to the dam...


Age and Growth of Brook Trout in Southern Appalachian Streams

Samples of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) were collected by electrofishing in 28 streams in 5 southeastern states between June 1977 and March 1978. Whole and sectioned otoliths were used to estimate age and the annual growth increments of 998 fish. General compliance with 4 criteria suggested validity of the otolith ageing method. Although 1 fish was age X, 98% were age III or younger. Brook trout from all streams grew the most in length during their first year. Second-year growth represented 28% (median) of median first-year growth. Growth of males and females did not differ...