Raymond V. Corning

Computerized Creel Census System for Use in Fisheries Management

A computerized creel census system that is nearly automatic after initial field data recording is described. Partially prepunched computer cards are used to record creel data. Cards are processed directly by computer and a detailed tabulation provided to the fisheries manager. The entire system is designed for ease of use in that no programming knowledge is required of the user.

Water Fluctuation, A Detrimental Influence On Trout Streams

Stream fluctuations strongly influenced the biotic populations of three Colorado trout streams during a three year water quality study conducted on the streams. Extreme water fluctuations (94% variation in surface area), combined with stream bedload accumulations, reduced a productive trout water to a non-productive series of intermittent pools during the course of the study. One study station produced the highest consistent production of benthos and the largest standing crops of trout in numbers. According to weight, however, the same station produced the fourth largest standing crops of...