Raymond L. Busbee

A Three-Year Study on the Effects of Lime Applications on the Standing Crop of Benthic Organisms in Georgia Farm Ponds

Six Georgia farm ponds, three on sandy soils and three on clay soils, were observed during a 32-month study period to determine the quantitative production of benthic organisms in relation to applications of agricultural lime. Three of the ponds were treated with lime at the rate of one ton per acre. The remaining three ponds were maintained as controls. Water total hardness in the experimental ponds increased significantly during the first year after treatment and began to drop during the third year, although it remained at a level higher than that observed before treatment. The bottom...


Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Dynamiting Fish Populations

During 1963 a series of experiments was conducted to determine the effect of dynamite on fish populations. One set of these experiments consisted of placing various species of fish in cylindrical wire baskets which were suspended vertically in water ranging from six to 15 feet in depth. A dynamite charge, consisting of one stick of 60% ditching dynamite, was placed at a point 10 feet from the nearest line of baskets and was detonated. Nine experiments were conducted using this arrangement of baskets in various depths of water with the dynamite charges ranging in depth from 2.5 feet below...