Ralph L. Bingham

Vegetation Response to Timing of Discing to Manage Northern Bobwhite Habitat in Texas

Discing is commonly recommended to improve northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) habitat. However, little information exists regarding optimal timing of discing or the duration of discing effects on semiarid rangelands. Our objectives were to evaluate vegetation response to autumn (October 2003), winter (January 2004), and spring (March 2004) discing in two ecoregions of Texas (Rio Grande Plains and Rolling Plains). Our study design was a completely randomized, two-factor (treatment and soil texture) factorial with repeated measures. We collected data on percent bare ground, forb...


An Evaluation of Sampling Methods for White-winged Dove Surveys in Urban Areas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has used auditory call counts annually since 1949 to monitor white-winged dove (Zenaida asiatica) populations in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Recently, white-winged doves have been expanding their distribution, and now the largest populations occur in urban areas north of their historic south Texas range. It has become necessary to develop an urban survey method to better monitor these populations. We compared two call count sampling methods for surveying white-winged doves in urban environments (i.e., transects vs. grid-points in Austin...


The Use of Cripples/Hit Versus Cripples/Shot in Comparing Wounding Losses for Lead and Steel Shot

Two definitions of crippling rate, cripples! shot and cripples! hit, have been employed in field studies to compare waterfowl wounding losses for lead and steel shot. Properties of these 2 definitions were compared using the Louisiana Lacassine Study data (Hebert et al. 1982) and a mathematical model. Cripples! shot was shown to decrease to a limit of 0 with an increase in misses even though the actual number of cripples remains constant. Cripples! shot, and not cripples! hit, was subject to an interaction between load and distance. The susceptibility of cripples! shot to an interaction...