R. W. Schneider

Migration Of Sauger Past A Thermal Discharge In Melton Hill Reservoir

A total of 259 sauger (Stizostedion canadense) was tagged and released downstream of Bull Run Steam Plant during the winters of 1974-75 and 1976. Gill nets and electrofishing gear were used to recapture sauger that moved into the discharge basin or past the plant. Over the study period 7 sauger were recaptured upstream from the discharge; 3 of these had moved past the plant while it was continuously operating. Fourteen sauger were caught in the discharge. The thermal plume from Bull Run Steam Plant had no significant effect on the movement of sauger.

Characteristics Of Sport Fishing Activity In Three Warm Water Discharges

Creel surveys were conducted at TVA's Gallatin, Kingston, and John Sevier Steam Plant discharge basins from March 1975 through May 1976. The highest period of angler use at all plants occurred between April and June. Peak harvest and pressure in the 3 discharge basins were significantly related, and high periods usually occurred later in the year than has been reported from other areas. At least 18 species were found in the combined creel from the 3 plants, and species diversity was greatest during the warm months. Three species, channel catfish (lctalurus punctatus), bluegill (Lepomis...