R. Oneal Smitherman

Observations On Spawning And Growth Of Four Species Of Basses (Micropterus) In Ponds

Brood stock of basses were obtained from the following locations during March to April, 1969; Micropterus coosae (Alabama race), Alabama River system; M. coosae (Apalachicola rate), Apalachicola River system; M. notius, Suwannee River system; M. punctulatus henshalli, Tallapoosa River system; M. p. punctulatus, Apalachicola River system; M. dolomieui, Mammoth Spring National Fish Hatchery, Arkansas. Adult bass of each stock except Suwannee bass spawned during April 5 to May 19, 1969, in 0.04- to O.l-acre earthen ponds when stocked at 50 to 100 per acre. Suwannee bass possibly had...


Effects Of Supplemental Feed And Fertilizer On Production Of Red Swamp Crawfish, Procambarus Clarki, In Pools And Ponds

Some effects of supplemental feed and fertilizer upon production of red swamp crawfish, Procambarus clarki, were measured during a five-month period at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The tests, in vinyl-lined pools and earthen ponds, also evaluated stocking rates of 10,000 and 20,000 young per acre, effect of artificial cover on survival of young, and necessity of soil as substrate in crawfish production. The influence of feed, fertilizer, and soil on total hardness of well water was studied. The relationhip of total hardness of water to survival and growth of young crawfish was observed....


Estimation of Bass Numbers in a Farm Pond Prior to Draining with Electro-Shocking and Angling

The number of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in a 3.5-acre experimenbal pond located at Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station was estimated by mark and recovery techniques using both Schnabel and Peterson methods. Sampling was done wirth both electric shocker and angling. Estimates were made during two periods in 1962. Various estimates of the number of bass made in this study were fairly uniform. However, on draining the estimates were found to be in error by approximately 50 percent. Based on number of bass recovered at draining and the computed percentage of...