R. K. Williams

Dabbling Duck Response to a Late-winter Variation in Saltmarsh Bulrush Management

Late winter dabbling duck use of experimentally manipulated saltmarsh bulrush (Scirpus robustus) was evaluated in managed brackish wetlands in the Santee River Delta, South Carolina, during 3-21 February 1989. Three 1-ha plots were established in each of 3 treatments: saltmarsh bulrush that was dewatered, burned, and reflooded (burned, flooded bulrush [BFB]); saltmarsh bulrush that was dewatered and then reflooded (unburned, flooded bulrush [UFB]); and low stemdensity saltmarsh bulrush that was flooded throughout winter (winter-flooded bulrush [WFB]). Species and numbers of dabbling ducks...