Paul S. Phalen

Relative Efficiency of Two Trawls for Monitoring Juvenile Fish Abundance

Twenty-seven comparison tows were made between a 2-seam otter trawl with 6 loops of 13 link, 4.8-mm chain attached to the leadline (original net) and an identical trawl with additional chain loops attached every 25.4 cm across the entire leadline (heavily chained net) during June-August 1988 in tributaries of the Neuse River, N.C. Objectives were to determine the effect of the heavily chained net on the juvenile finfish, crab, and shrimp catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE) estimates and the feasibility of developing conversion factors to convert CPUE estimates from one net type to the other. The...


Hybrid Striped Bass Movements and Habitat in Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi

Fourteen radio-tagged adult hybrid striped bass (female Morone saxatilis x male M. chrysops) were tracked from February to November 1987 in Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi. Radio-tagged hybrids moved into the Pearl River in early March and remained upstream until water temperatures exceeded 27° C and dissolved oxygen decreased below 4 mg/liter at which time all except 2 fish returned to the main lake. These 2 fish, remaining in a well-aerated refuge at a lowhead dam, died in July when water temperatures exceeded 30° C. The fish which returned to the main lake showed decreased movements...