Paul M. Jakus

Leasing by Tennessee Hunters

Telephone interview surveys of the general population of Tennessee residents were used to determine the extent to which hunters leased land for hunting. About 7% of hunters leased land in Tennessee, with the average lease consisting of about 631 acres at a total cost of $1,500. Average per acre costs in Tennessee were about $3.56 per acre. Hunters who lease were more likely to have higher incomes, live in rural areas, and be more dissatisfied with wildlife management than those who do not lease. Hunters very interested in leasing, but not currently leasing, shared some of the...


Activities, Regulatory Preferences, and Regulatory Perceptions of Tennessee Anglers

A 1992 survey of Tennessee anglers was used to determine who is fishing and how often, the species they fish for, and how anglers perceive the regulatory structure. The results are based on telephone interviews with 450 active licensed anglers. Nearly 81% of the anglers visited a Tennessee reservoir in 1992, while 41% fished warm water streams, 28% farm ponds, and 22% trout streams. Over 60% preferred separate regulations for reservoirs. Active reservoir fishermen were more likely to support individual regulations. The participants were evenly split on whether a proposed regulation which...