Paul E. Balkenbush

Population Characteristics and Management of Black Bass in Eastern Oklahoma Streams

We surveyed black bass (Micropterus spp.) populations in Baron Fork in northeastern Oklahoma and Glover River in southeastern Oklahoma during 1994 and 1995 to assess population characteristics and management options particularly for smallmouth bass (M. dolomieu) in eastern Oklahoma streams. Smallmouth bass dominated the catch of black bass species in both streams during both years. The fishery potential for smallmouth bass in Glover River was limited in part by low abundance, poor year-class success, and high annual mortality resulting in low recruitment to older ages. In contrast,...


Fish Sampling Bias Associated with Stream Access

We investigated the effect of sampling site access on estimates of fish abundance in 2 eastern Oklahoma streams. Centrarchid species were sampled by electrofishing at public and remote access sites on Baron Fork Creek in northeastern Oklahoma and Glover River in southeastern Oklahoma. We verified differences in recreational use and habitat between access types in both streams. Recreational use was generally higher at public than remote access areas in each stream. Public areas in Glover River had higher fish densities, were deeper, and had more instream cover than remote areas. However,...