Patrick L. Hudson

Food And Feeding Of Fish In Hartwell Reservoir Tailwater, Georgia-South Carolina

Food of silver redhorse (Moxostoma anisurum), redbreast sunfish (Lepomis auritus), green sunfish (L. cyanellus), and bluegills (L. macrochirus) was examined to determine whether or not these fish in the Hartwell Reservoir tailwater (Savannah River, Georgia-South Carolina) ate organisms entrained from the reservoir or displaced from the tail water during water releases associated with the production of hydropower. These fish fed primarily on aquatic insects, crayfish, and terrestrial organisms originating from the tail water. Major periods of feeding occurred during nongeneration.

Effects Of A Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant On Reservoir Trout Habitat

Jocassee Reservoir (3,063 ha) is the upper pool for a 61O·MW pumped storage hydroelectric plant in northwestern South Carolina. Trout (200-225 mm long) have been stocked annually since 1972. The volume of trout habitat during summer has decreased annually from 1973 to 1976, and is associated with increases in the temperature and volume of water pumped from the lower reservoir. The top of the thermocline during September was lowered from about 9 m in 1973 to nearly 19 m in 1976, and trout habitat was reduced by about 65%. On the basis of a regression presented, we predict that trout habitat...