Ozcan Ozen

Yield-per-recruit Simulation Analyses for a Largemouth Bass Population in Lucchetti Reservoir, Puerto Rico

Minimum size limits of 279, 305, and 330 mm total lengths (TL) were evaluated using Beverton-Holt yield modeling for the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) population in Lucchetti Reservoir, Puerto Rico. Growth, estimated from micro-tagged fish, was faster until maturity compared to the populations in the contiguous United States. The von Bertalanffy growth coefficient (k) was 1.44 with L∞ estimated at 404.4 mm TL. Survival rates for adult largemouth bass (>250 mmTL), calculated from mark-recapture studies, were estimated to be 40% for 1998 and 30% for 1999. Simulations revealed...