Neil H. Douglas

Movement of Native and Stocked Fish in D'Arbonne Lake after Impoundment

A total of 3,174 native fish of 29 species was tagged and released in Bayou D'Arbonne during the spring and summer of 1963. The distance and direction of movement of captured fish were recorded before inundation and ag,ain ,after the flooding of the 15,000-acre impoundment, D'Arbonne Lake, in January 1964. Of the 57 tagged fish returned before inundation, 54 were recaptured in the same locaJtion. One fish moved upstream for a distance of 3.3 miles and two fish moved downstream for ,an ,average distance of 6.8 miles. After the lake was filled, the fish exhibited extensive movements and only...

A Study Of The Comparative Use Of Different Species Of Fish In The Toxicity Bioassay Of Petroleum Refinery Effluent

Fish have been used as test animals in pollution abatement programs since the inception of bioassay research. Many kinds of fish have been used in the bioassay tests. The kinds used at times have been selected merely on availability factors and not necessarily on a basis of adaptation of the fish to bioassay tests. This paper presents a comparison of four different species of fish used as test animals in a series of toxicity bioassays of petroleum refinery effluents.