Monte E. Seehorn

Foods of Ruffed Grouse From Three Locations in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

An analysis was made of 574 ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) crops and 157 gizzards collected during fall and winter from 3 locations in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Grouse crops from the northernmost localities contained more woody twigs and attached buds than grouse crops from locations farther south, and crops from southernmost localities contained more leaves of woody plants than crops from more northern areas. Plants common in grouse diets from all localities included leaves and fruits of greenbrier (Smilax spp.), the leaves of mountain-laurel (Kalmia latifolia), the fruits of...


Fishes of Southeastern National Forests

A survey of fish on 33 southeastern National Forests was conducted during the period July 1972 through July 1975. Of the 470 species listed, 442 are recognized in American Fisheries Society Special Publication No.6. Another 28 species or groups ofspecies, recognized or under study since this publication, are also included. The Shortnose sturgeon, Acipenser brevirostrum, is the only fish on the current endangered or threatened register likely found on the Forests, although 20 species ofknown or probable occurrence on National Forest lands have been recommended for such status.


A Survey Procedure For Evaluating Stream Fisheries

A survey procedure was developed for judging the relative quality of trout waters and used in surveying streams in National Forests in Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina. The purpose of the survey was to provide land managers with information that would help in making decisions affecting trout streams. The procedure incorporates water quality analysis, fish population sampling, and a comparative evaluation of habitat conditions based on a stream's present and potential capability for producing wild or "native" trout fishing. Drainages surveyed ranged from one to over twenty miles in...


An Inexpensive Backpack Shocker For One-Man Use

A small backpack fish shocker weighing 19 pounds. was develop,;d for use in sampling mountain trout streams on .the NatIOnal Forests. m the Southern Appalachians. Power .components mclude a small gasolme engine-generator combination and a step-up transformer. The completed backpack provides a choice of 125 volts, 300 volts, or 600 volts alternating current (AC). This unit is adaptable to two electrode systems. One, consisting of an aluminum dipnet and a telescoping radio antenna for the electrodes, proved most useful and versatile in the rough headwater streams sampled. With it, one...