Michael W. Olinde

Northern Bobwhite Population Characteristics, Productivity, and Hen Survival in West Central Louisiana

We examined aspects of northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus; hereafter quail) population dynamics in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) forests on the Vernon Ranger District, Kisatchie National Forest, located in west central Louisiana. We used sex, age, and weight data from 246 birds captured a total of 404 times during 9 February-20 June 1991-1993 in baited traps to describe population characteristics. We used data from 128 (106 F:22 M) birds trapped, radio tagged, and monitored during 3 field seasons to describe productivity and survival of these birds during March through August. The...

Eastern Wild Turkey Gobbler Harvest and Physical Characteristics in Southeastern Louisiana

To gain a better understanding of the roles of public and private hunting areas in the harvest dynamics of an eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopava var. sylvestris) population, we conducted a banding study in southeastern Louisiana from 1989-1997. Physical measurements were collected on birds at capture and harvest. During spring gobbler seasons, 137 of 199 banded gobblers were recovered through hunting. For the 1991-1994 seasons, we observed higher hunting pressure and more effort to bag a gobbler on public (0.22 hunter-days/ha and 40.7 hunter-days/bird) than on private land (0.13...

Smartweed Seed Production and Availability in South Central Florida Wetlands

Seed collections were initiated to assess wildlife food availability and production by dotted smartweed (Polygonum punctatum) on a south central Florida marsh. The highest production consistently occurred in October despite wide fluctuation in total annual production. Seed remained available for use by wildlife in the soil throughout much of the year.