Michael J. Lacki

Recovery of the River Otter to Kentucky

Recovery efforts of river otters (Lontra canadensis) in Southeastern states that have implemented restoration programs are poorly documented in the published literature. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources released 355 river otters among 14 sites during 1991-1994, and a statewide harvest was implemented in 2006. We used damage reports, sign surveys, and harvest data to evaluate the recovery and current status of the river otter in Kentucky. When all census data were combined, river otters were observed in each of the 12 major watersheds in the state. Our data...


Changes in Soil Properties of Forests Rooted by Wild Boar

In order to devise an ecologically sound management plan for the wild boar herd in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, data on the impact of these animals on the environment are essential. Soil chemical properties and nutrient concentrations were examined for possible boar impact from 9 high elevation beech gap communities ranging in severity of boar disturbance. Levels of soil organic matter, cation exchange capacity, and acidity, increased on boar-rooted sites, whereas percent base saturation declined. These changes suggested that boar rooting stimulated organic matter decomposition and...