Michael J. Duever

Seasonal Fish Population Fluctuations In South Florida Swamp

We monitored fish populations in a southwest Florida cypress (Taxodium distichum) strand system through an annual wet season-dry season cycle. Populations increased from zero when the site was inundated to densities of 3-8 fish m2 and biomass of .3-.4 g/m2 in late wet season. Two months after drydown began, fish became concentrated. In wet prairie and "pond" cypress habitats concentration continued until the sites went dry, but "bald" cypress populations reached high densities early, then stabilized until just prior to complete drydown, when they decreased drastically. Wet season...


Daily And Seasonal Activity Patterns Of Mourning Doves On The Aec Savannah River Plant

The daily and seasonal variation in dove abundance along roads was studied on the AEC Savannah River Plant between May 3 and October 16, 1965. A 58-mile road census was conducted five days a week sampling all times of the day during each week. The effect of ten weather factors on daily dove counts was tested. Mourning doves were active primarily between the hours of 0530 to 0900 and 1600 to 1930. Within these periods, greatest numbers were observed from 0600 to 0700 and 1700 to 1800. This pattern was maintained throughout the study period and was not noticeably affected by the time of...