M. T. Driscoll

Population-level Impacts of Largemouth Bass Mortality Associated with Tournaments in a Texas Reservoir

SEAFWA Journal Volume 1, March 2014

Previous studies of tournament-related impacts on black bass (Micropterus spp.) have concluded that live-release tournaments have minor effects on fisheries. Prompted by a decline in numbers of largemouth bass (M. salmoides) ≥ 458 mm total length (TL) and a high ratio of tournament weighed-in fish to harvested fish by non-tournament anglers, we assessed the impacts of tournament angling at Amon G. Carter Reservoir, Texas (623 ha). In 2007, we tagged 786 largemouth bass and estimated fishing mortality separately for tournament and non-tournament anglers. Instantaneous total fishing...


Evaluation of a 254-mm Minimum Length Limit, 25-fish Daily Bag Limit on Crappies at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

As part of a statewide regulation change in 1990, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department adopted 254-mm minimum length and 25-fish daily bag limits on crappies (Pomoxis spp.) at Sam Rayburn Reservoir. The objective of the regulation was to increase the size of harvested crappies while maintaining pre-regulation catch rates, harvest rates, and yield. Population and fishery parameters during 3-year unregulated and 8-year regulated periods were compared. Results indicated that mean length and weight of harvested crappies increased significantly (16% and 40%, respectively), while yield was...