M. D. Gibson

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Mobile Aquarium Project

In January 1992, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission purchased an 11-m trailer mounted aquarium for use in its Aquatic Resources Education Program. Although quite costly and very labor intensive, this project has proven to be one of the finest public relations tools anyone could have imagined. Over .5 million people per year have viewed the 13,250-1 display in its first 2 years of operation. The display is erected at fairs, schools, boat shows, town festivals, fishing seminars, clinics, etc. It is often stocked with 25 or 30 different species of fish, all indigenous to Arkansas waters....


An Extreme Drawdown on a Heavily Populated Lake: The Public Relations Aspect

The various benefits from a correctly timed drawdown on reservoir fisheries have been well documented; however, little has been written on the public relations aspect. An extreme (2.7 m -9 foot) drawdown on the most heavily populated lake in Arkansas is discussed, focusing on the procedures and problems involved with "selling" such a management technique to the public. By discussing the public relations work involved with the project, the problems that can arise and recommendations based on this experience, it is hoped that other management biologists planning similar operations will...