Les Torrans

Growth of Mixed-Sex Young-of-the-year Blue Tilapia (Tilapia aurea) in Polyculture with Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Young-of-the-year mixed-sex blue tilapia (Tilapia aurea) averaging 6.1 g were stocked on 30 June 1982, at a rate of 5,000/ha in 3 O.l-ha ponds containing 10,000 channel catfish/ha. Male and female tilapia were not significantly different in weight after 55 days, averaging 111.6 g and 106.4 g respectively. After 118 days, males were significantly larger than females, averaging 248.9 g vs 211.3 g for the females. Male growth during this period averaged 2.06 glday vs 1.72 glday for the females. The tilapia ranged in weight from 164 g to 351 g at harvest on 17 November. Average tilapia...