Laura J. Mitchell

Development of a Statewide Watchable Wildlife Program and Wildlife Viewing Guide in Tennessee

A coalition of natural resource agencies and private interests in Tennessee is currently enhancing a statewide network of conservation lands and developing a supportive public constituency by creating and promoting watchable wildlife opportunities. This program addresses the national and statewide trends for growing public interest in viewing and photographing wildlife and native plants. In Tennessee, program development has been underway for 12 years. Components are similar to those of the National Watchable Wildlife Program (recreation, education, and conservation) although the element...


Breeding Bird Community Changes in a Bald Cypress-tupelo Wetland Following Timber Harvesting

Wildlife Outstanding Technical Paper

We determined immediate impacts of clearcutting on breeding bird communities of a tidally-influenced bald cypress (Taxodium distichum)-tupelo (Nyssa spp.) wetland located in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Baldwin County, Alabama, April-June 1987. Seventeen of 45 species detected in first-year clearcuts, forestclearcut edges, and 70-year-old reference stands demonstrated significant (P <0.05) differences in abundance across habitat type. Three species preferred forest interior, 5 preferred edge, 7 preferred interior and edge over clearcut, and 1 preferred clearcut and edge (P <0.05)....