Larry L. McNease

An Analysis of Louisiana's 1972 Experimental Alligator Harvest Program

In September 1972 the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission established an experimental alligator harvest program. The primary objective of the open season was to evaluate a complex system of quotas, tags, licenses and report forms designed to rigidly control the harvest and shipment of alligator skins. Information was also obtained on the effects of the harvest on alligator populations, food habits, tag recovery rates, body condition factors, aging techniques, reproductive biology and pesticide..and parasite levels. A total of61 alligator hunters were issued 1,961 tags. One...


Experimental Treatments For The Control Of Wiregrass And Saltmarsh Grass In A Brackish Marsh

During the period from January, 1965 to June 1970 a study was conducted in the Price Lake area of Rockefeller Refuge, Grand Chenier, Louisiana. The objectives were to measure and evaluate the results from a series of treatments designed to alter natural plant succession and improve the vegetative composition for wildlife. Experimental plots were treated in the spring and late fall, 1965. Treatments included burning, tilling, chemicals and combinations of burning, tilling, and chemicals. Sampling data for 1970 (five years following initial treatment) showed that (a) tilling, (b) burning and...