Kenneth O. Allen

Effects Of Salinity On Growth And Survival Of Channel Catfish, Ictalurus Punctatus

Laboratory tests were conducted to determine the effect of salinity on growth and survival of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. Three-day old or older eggs tolerated up to 16 ppt total salinity. However, at the time of hatching there was a sharp drop in tolerance to about 8 ppt. This level of tolerance was maintained during the period of yolk absorption. Following yolk absorption there was an increase in tolerance to about 9 or 10 ppt. By five months of age tolerance had increased to 11 ppt and to 12 ppt by six months. The level of tolerance was about the same at 11-14 months...


Heat Tolerance Of Albino vs. Normal Channel Catfish Ictalurus Punctatus

Two lots of the Arkansas strain of cha.nnel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, containing both albino and ngrmal fish, were acclimated in the laboratory at a constant temperature of 30.0 C. Samples of albino and normal fish were exposed to a lethal temperature of 39.0 o C. The albinos from both lots had the highest mean survival time, but the differences were not statistically significant.


Heat Tolerance Of Channel Catfish lctalurus Punctatus

Three lots of 6-day-old to IPh-month-old channel catfish from a common initial source but reared under different thermal conditions were utilized to investigate several heat-tolerance relationships. During the experimental period the fish were held in constant-temperature tanks and samples of fish were subjected to a range of sub-lethal and lethal temperatures in test baths. The results were studied by plotting time to death of individual fish and means of test samples on semi-log paper, probability paper in some instances, and subjecting pertinent data to statistical analysis....