Kenneth L. Gee

Estimating Age and Antler Traits of Photographed Male White-tailed Deer

SEAFWA Journal Volume 2, March 2015
Wildlife Outstanding Technical Paper

Antler measurements are used to set harvest restrictions for male white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and to evaluate response to management. Remotely-triggered trail cameras are popular research and management tools, but have not been used to estimate antler size or age. We developed methods to estimate antler measurements and age of male deer â?¥ 1 year old from photographs. We developed predictive equations for individual antler measurements using photographs of mounted deer heads, and evaluated five anatomical features for potential use as a known-sized scaling reference in...

Accuracy of the Camera Technique for Estimating White-tailed Deer Population Characteristics

Infrared-triggered cameras are increasingly used in wildlife management and require refinement for optimal use. We compared photographic recapture rates of tagged animals on two enclosed Mississippi study areas and a third enclosed study area in Oklahoma. We evaluated effects of camera density (one camera per 41 ha and one camera per 81 ha) and sampling duration (1 to 14 days) on accuracy of deer population estimates, cumulative new occurrences of adult males, cumulative sex ratio, and cumulative fawn crop on the Mississippi study areas. Photographic recapture rate varied from 92% for...