Jon Buntz

Fisherman Utilization Of Tilapia Aurea (Steindachner) In Lake Parker, Lakeland, Florida

Tilapia aurea, blue tilapia (Smith-Vaniz, 1968) were brought to Florida in 1961. Verification of this species in Lake Parker occurred five years later. Since this time, they have reached a concentration which provides a unique fishery. Parker, a 2,291 acre lake located in Lakeland, Florida, was creeled for a year to determine fisherman utilization of blue tilapia. Harvest by baited hook was significant only three months of the period. This species comprised over 40 per cent of the total harvest six months of the year, after legalization of cast netting and snatch hooking. Success by...


Tilapia Aurea (Steindachner), A Rapidly Spreading Exotic In South Central Florida

Tilapia aurea were introduced into Florida by the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission in 1961. Original stocking was in managed pits at Pleasant Grove Research Station. From this beginning they have spread to numerous private ponds, four creeks, two rivers and several public lakes. Enriched bodies of water are preferred habitats and native species present have not retarded establishment of T. aurea. Most of the present study was conducted on Lake Parker, a 2291 acre eutrophic lake in Polk County. Surveys of the fish population on Parker revealed seasonal congregations of T....


Stomach Analysis Of Chain Pickerel (Esox Niger) Of South Central Florida

Alabama surveys indicate that the chain pickerel is undesirable because it preyed on harvestable species (1954, Annual Report Farm Ponds Project,. Auburn University, unpublished). An examination of pickerel stomach contents was conducted in South Central Florida to explore possibilities of using pickerel as a desirable predator. Specimens were collected from anglers, trammel nets, and electro-shocking. One hundred fifteen adult pickerel collected from seven lakes, Pierce, Francis, June in Winter, Henry, Kissimmee, Hatchineha, and Walk 'n Water, were examined. The data collected indicate...