John S. Stanovick

Relations among Angler Use, Harvest, and Stocking Rates of Channel Catfish in Missouri Impoundments

We examined relations among creel statistics and stocking rates of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) in small impoundments. Angling effort directed toward catfish varied from 2 to 790 hours ha−1 and made up between 1% and 62% of the total angling effort. Anglers harvested nearly all of the channel catfish they caught in most impoundments. Harvest of channel catfish varied from 0.4 to 126 fish ha−1 and 0.3 to 74 kg ha−1 and was more closely associated with catfish angling effort than with stocking rate. Harvest rate declined asymptotically with...


Standardization of Missouri Angler Surveys

One component in evaluating the need for or the result of a fishing regulation is an angler survey. In recent years, efforts have advanced the way an individual survey is designed, conducted, and analyzed. However, managing approximately 30-40 on-site angler surveys each year led Missouri to develop and implement stringent data processing guidelines. These guidelines ensure survey objectives are addressed; appropriate survey methodologies are used; clerks are properly trained; survey forms, questions, and coding are standardized; and data entry and analysis results are completed in a...