John C. Oberheu

Success of Resident Canada Geese on National Wildlife Refuges in the Southeast

Resident flocks have become a hope for retaining wild Canada geese in the South. A history is presented of eight such flocks which were attempted on national wildlife refuges. Habitat requirements, management techniques, and significant problems are discussed. Successful flocks now established on five of the eight refuges are providing considerable public enjoyment.


Effects On Fish And Wildlife Of Heptachlor Applied To Eradicate The Sugarcane Root Weevil In Apopka, Florida

A USDA program to eradicate the introduced sugarcane root weevil in the spring of 1969 was studied to assess effects on fish and wildlife. Two basic techniques were utilized: analyses of residue accumulations in selected species, and search for dead animals. Residues increased substantially in birds but not in earthworms, fishes, or aquatic invertebrates. Considerable bird mortality followed treatment and residues in specimens analyzed indicated death from heptachlor poisoning.