Joe B. Sills

Efficacy And Residues Of Quinaldine Sulfate, An Anesthetic For Striped Bass (Roccus Saxatilis)

Sills, Joe B., and Paul D. Harman. (Southeastern Fish Control Laboratory, Warm Springs, Ga.). E:[[Icacy and residues of quinaldine sulfate, an anesthetic[or striped bass (Roce'us saxatilis). Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners, pp. Striped bass (Roccus saxatilis) were exposed to solutions of quinaldine sulfate containing 10, 25,40 and 55 p.p.m. of quinaldine. Fish were effectively anesthetized at concentrations of 25 to 55 p.p.m. Residue levels in muscle tissue of fish exposed to 40 p.p.m. of quinaldine at 4° C. for...


A Report on the Use of Karmex to Control Filamentous Algae in Fish Ponds

Several chemicals that have been used in fish culture for the control of filamentous algae are discussed. Their effects on fish and fishfood organisms in ponds are reviewed. Results obtained from applications of Karmex to 26 ponds are presented. Data show that Karmax was effective against several forms of filamentous algae at rates above one-half pound per surface acre. Rates up to three pounds per surface acre had no adverse effects on fish or fish-food organisms. Presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners, October 18-21, 1964...