Jeremy Leitz

Monitoring Changes in Boater Behavior regarding Seagrass Conservation in Redfish Bay State Scientific Area, Texas

By the early 1990s, boat propeller scars were causing significant damage to seagrass beds in Redfish Bay, Texas. Efforts initiated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to address the problem began in 2000 with the designation of Redfish Bay as a State Scientific Area (RBSSA). An education and outreach program was initiated and three voluntary no-prop zones were established. However, these efforts were largely unsuccessful. Public comments made to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission in 2005 indicated a strong desire by constituents to see a more effective education and outreach...


Socio-economic Characteristics of Anglers Participating in a Common Carp Fishing Tournament in Austin, Texas

The common carp (Cyprinus carpio) has been described as one of North America's most widely distributed and underutilized fishery resource. This resource has been largely ignored by the majority of anglers in the United States because of the reputation of carp as an undesirable species. In contrast, carp are highly esteemed as a sport fish and food fish in many other countries of the world. In recent years, the negative perception of carp in the United States has been challenged by a small but growing number of anglers who view carp as a sport fish. The Carp Anglers Group has held the...