James L. Gebhart

Effects Ofvarious Levels of Crude Oil on Olneybulrush (Scirpus olneyi) and Marshhay Cordgrass (Spartina Patens)

A tank study was conducted to determine the effects various concentrations of crude oil on brackish marsh plants. Scirpus olneyi and Spartina patens were grown in tanks and subjected to a light and a heavy crude oil at four concentrations and four water levels over an H.5-month period. Growth and survival ofplants were detennined monthly. A fluctuating water level (+5 to -5cm) with so parts per thousand (ppt) of heavy crude oil was the treatment most detrimental to S. olneyi. Crude oil enhanced growth and survival of S. olneyi at a water level of +5cm above the soil surface. Growth...