James F. Parnell

The Populations, Breeding Biology, And Environmental Relations Of The Black Duck, Gadwall, And Blue-Winged Teal At Pea And Bodie Islands, North Carolina

A two-year study was made of the nesting ecology of the black duck (Anas rubripes Brewster), the gadwall (Anas strepera Linnaeus), and the blue-winged teal (Anas discors orphna Stewart and Aldrich), at their southern nesting limits along the Atlantic coast. Approximate production at Pea Island was: 1959-black duck 230, gadwall 348, blue-winged teal 105; 1960-black duck 144, gadwall 457, blue-winged teal 97. Production at Bodie Island, estimated only for 1960, was: black duck 111, gadwall 28, and blue-winged teal 48. The major rearing areas were the two man-made fresh-water impoundments on...