James B. Whelan

Evaluation Of A Bear Hunters Survey And Its Implications On Black Bear Management In Virginia

A questionnaire was developed to characterize Virginia bear hunters, their hunting methods, and attitudes concerning Virginia bear hunting, Game Commission policy, and potential management alternatives. Ofthe respondents 61%were dog hunters and 39% incidental hunters. These 2 classes differ in hunting methods as well as attitudes concerning hunting and proper management strategies. Although these differences complicate decisions, they must be considered in planning bear management policy and education efforts.

Effects of Stream Channelization on Avian Diversity and Density in Piedmont Virginia

Species diversity and density for game and non-game birds were studied during winter and summer, 1975 on three streams in the Virginia Piedmont which were channelized 2,5, and 9 years prior to Held work. Three study sites, each 1 hectare in size, were located along streams in secondary succession bottom land hardwood communities. Indices were calculated for bird species diversity (BSD) and foliage height diversity (FHD) using the Shannon-Weaver information theory formula. To further assess any differences in either diversity or density among the three sites the following variables were...