James 0. Parks

Evaluation of a 356- to 457-mm Slot Length Limit for Largemouth Bass in 5 Texas Reservoirs

Following 6 years under a 356-mm minimum length limit regulation, poorly-structured largemouth bass populations at 5 Texas reservoirs were placed under an experimental 356- to 457-mm slot length limit in September 1993. The limit was designed to target angler harvest at the relatively abundant sub-slot fish and to increase angler catch rates within the protected length range. Largemouth bass populations were monitored at each reservoir by electrofishing at 4—8 shoreline stations in 1989-1992 (pre-change) and in 1995-1996 (post-change). A general linear model statistical procedure was used...


Angler Exploitation of Largemouth Bass ≥356 mm at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

Tournament-caught largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) were tagged and released in Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas, in early spring 1989 and 1990. Studies conducted on a sample of these fish indicated 4% initial mortality and 94% tag retention. Angling contests were held for 15 weeks (1 April-15 July) each year to recapture fish. Recapture rates by contest anglers provided estimates of exploitation over the 15- week period. Voluntary release of bass was 52%-57%. The estimated exploitation rates for 15-week periods in 1989 and 1990 were 0.27 and 0.47, respectively. Increased angling...