J. F. Hopper

Distribution Patterns of American Black Ducks Wintering in Tennessee

Since 1970, over 40% of all American black ducks (Anas rubripes) observed during mid-winter waterfowl surveys in the Mississippi flyway occurred in Tennessee. Local differences in distribution, migration chronology, and annual variation in abundance have not been investigated within the state. We used Tennessee recovery records from 1970-1987 to evaluate breeding locations of black ducks wintering in Tennessee and waterfowl survey data collected by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from 1955-1992 to evaluate trends in geographic distribution and...


Pre-sunrise Shooting at Nontarget Waterfowl during September Wood Duck Seasons

Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife Resources and Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency evaluated the impact of pre-sunrise shooting on nontarget species during the 1991 September wood duck (Aix sponsa) season. Concealed observers in Kentucky and Tennessee recorded shooting activities of 88 hunting groups during the September wood duck season to determine if hunters discriminated between wood ducks and nontarget species during one-half hour before sunrise versus one-half hour after sunrise. A total of 424 single or flocks of waterfowl passed within shotgun range of observed hunters. Wood...