Hilburn O. Hillestad

Incidental Capture Of Sea Turtles By Shrimp Trawlermen In Georgia

In 1976, a survey was conducted to ascertain the incidental capture of sea turtles by shrimp trawlers in Georgia waters. Interviewed were captains and strikers representing 101 commercial trawlers (average length 17.4 m) which principally offload their catch at commercial docks on the Georgia coast. During that period, 1,388 vessels were registered to shrimp in Georgia, including a 321 vessel commercial fleet with Georgia registration and vessel length greater than 9.14 m. Commercial shrimpers trawled an average of 22 days per month during a 6.7 month shrimp season; they averaged 4.5 drags...

Starch Gel Electrophoresis for the Study of Population Genetics in White-Tailed Deer

Methods for the collection, preparation and extraction of tissues of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus drginianus) are given, Electrophoretic technique, buffers, gel preparation and banding patterns for 27 proteins encoded by 28 stnlctura) loci are described. In a survey of 400 deer from the Savannah River Plant, nine loci were shown to be polymorphic. The potential use ofpopulation genetics information for wildlife management programs is discussed.

Activities Of Wild Turkey Hens And Poults As Influenced By Habitat

Daily movements and brood rearing among wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) hens in the Piedmont of eastern Alabama was studied during 1968 and 1969. Twelve hens were tagged in the patagium and instrumented with radio transmitters. Daily movements did not cover the entire spring and summer ranges. Daily movements of non-nesting hens averaged 0.4 mile; those of nesting hens averaged 0.22 mile; and those of hens with broods averaged 0.32 mile. They were usually linear and were strongly influenced by feeding areas provided by permanent pastures. All brood rearing ranges were within...