Harry K. Dupree

The Arsenic Content Of Water, Plankton, Soil And Fish From Ponds Treated With Sodium Arsenite For Weed Control

Arsenic analyses were made of over 1,000 samples of water, plankton, soil and fish from a 22-acre, a 26-acre, and eight 0.25-acre earthen ponds that were treated with different amounts of sodium arsenite. The concentrations of arsenic in the waters from the 22- and 26-acre ponds treated with 4.0 p.p.m. As203 in the fall of 1954 declined to 0.05 p.p.m. As203 by January, 1955. The concentration of arsenic in the water of the 22-acre pond that was again treated with 4.0 p.p.m. AS203 in April, 1955, declined to 0.8 p.p.m. AS203 one week after application; after this pond was drained and...