Harry Barkley

Preliminary Results in the Use of a Spine Tag

A vinyl tube is being used on the dorsal spine of bass, crappie, and bluegill. Indications are that this tag does not have the adverse effect on the fish that the dart tag or the spaghetti tag has. Loss of tags at the present time is high but work continues using different diameters of tubing and the addition of a glue.

Two Years Of Creel Census On Three North Mississippi Flood Control Reservoirs

The extent of the fishing pressure, harvest and fishing success on Sardis, Enid and Grenada Reservoirs, in north-central Mississippi, was undetermined in recent years. A creel census program was initiated June 15,1958, to provide this information. Grenada Reservoir received an estimated fishing pressure of 300,271 hours in 1958-1959 and 296,746 hours in 1959-1960. Sardis received an estimated 242,719 hours in 1958-1959 and 247,414 hours in 1959-1960. Enid received an estimated 147,605 hours in 1958-1959 and 96,297 in 1959-1960. The catch per hour of effort on Grenada for the two years...