Graham F. Montague

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Oklahoma Fishery Research Laboratory, 500 E. Constellation, Norman, OK 73072

Comparing Precision of Otolith and Pectoral Spine Age Assessments for Black and Yellow Bullheads

SEAFWA Journal Volume 10, March 2023

Despite the broad geographical range of bullhead catfishes (Ameiurus spp.), their population vital rates have rarely been studied. Estimation of vital rates requires accurate age estimates and otoliths generally are considered to be the most accurate and precise aging structure for most fish species. However, pectoral spines of some ictalurid species have been used to generate precise age estimates of younger fish. Although previous studies have compared age estimates between otoliths and spines for large-bodied, longer-lived catfishes, there have been few comparable studies...

Black Bullhead Otolith Annual and Daily Increment Validation

SEAFWA Journal Volume 9, March 2022

Otolith age validation studies are essential to identify the accuracy of using otoliths to age fish; however, black bullhead (Ameiurus melas) otolith validation studies have not been conducted for either adult or age-0 individuals. Therefore, the objective of this study was to validate annu- lus and daily ring formation in lapilli otoliths of black bullheads. We assessed timing of annulus formation using marginal increment analysis on 409 black bullheads caught monthly from July 2015–June 2016 in Lake Carl Etling, Oklahoma. We evaluated daily growth increment deposition by...