Gene A. Whitaker

Delmarva's Wildlife Work Group's Procedure For Habitat Analysis

The Delmarva Wildlife Work Group's procedure for wildlife habitat evaluation refined a procedure for comprehensible and sound development of data collection and analysis. This effort created an accepted format for communications between individual biologists and other professions. Work group consensus of particular wildlife habitat values including a quantity of land use, interspersion and management conditions were much more applicable than individual interpretations. This procedure permits predictionof future wildlife habitat values on lands with various planned activities versus...


Inventorying Habitats and Rating Their Value for Wildlife Species

A team of experienced biologists developed line charts to inventory the important components of wildlife habitat and transformation charts to convert the inventoried characteristics to habitat values for specific species for a Maryland Piedmont watershed. The line chart system gave results equivalent to the procedure recently developed by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service with less field time. In addition, the line charts display the basis for all conclusions, provide a simplified base for determining future conditions, and are easily adapted to computer analysis. The value ratings from...


A Computerized Methodology for Estimating the Impact of Water Resource Projects on the Terrestrial Ecosystem

Measurement of the quality ofwildlife habitat is a necessity in planning and analyzing water resource projects. A methodology that provides a measure of habitat quality must consider the following factors: 1) the quantity of land uses, 2) the degree of interspersion of land uses, and 3) the condition of land management. A computerized methodology that considers each of these factors is provided for estimating habitat quality and evaluating: the impact of proposed water resource development alternatives. A computerized methodology is desirable because it reduces the computational effort,...