Gary D. Hickman

Comparison of Population Estimates of Largemouthbass in Forrest Lake, Missouri, Utilizing a Bass Tournament and an Electroshocker for Collection of Recaptures

This study was designed to obtain population estimates of largemouth bass in 703-acre Forrest Lake, Missollri, and also to compare population estimates obtained using electrofishing and tournament angling as recapture methods. A total of 283 electroshocked bass was marked with floy tags during September 30--October 4, 1974. Recaptures obtained during a two-day (October 12-13, 1974) bass fishing tournament yielded a population estimate of 1,203 bass over 250mm (10 in) in total length. During October 15-17, 1974. bass were resarnpled by electrofishine resulting in a population estimate of 1,...