G. E. Saul

Survival of Hook-Caught Spotted Seatrout

Spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) (242-585 mm total length) were captured by hook and line in 7 Texas bay systems and placed in wire cages during June to September 1981 and December 1982 to April 1983 to estimate survival of hook-caught handled fish. No significant difference (P> 0.05) in survival was found between fish which received a wide range of handling stress such as sport fisherman might handle them and fish handled carefully as controls. No significant difference (P> 0.05) was found among summer and winter survival of hook and line caught spotted seatrout. Significant...

Increasing Sampling Efficiency in Creel Surveys

Rising costs and increasing demands for limited marine resources dictate that managers monitor the status and utilization of these resources efficiently. Seventy-two percent to 100% of aU weekend sport boat anglers completing a trip from 0700-1800 hours could be interviewed from 1000-1800 hours in Texas bay systems. A comparison of mean daily trailer boat counts suggest that optimum estimates of fishing pressure within a year can be made by stratifying data into 2 periods (13 November to 8 April; 9 April to 12 November).